Pure Land Farms


Topanga, California

Pure Land Farms, Center for Tibetan Medicine, Meditation, and Rejuvenation is a ten acre rural sanctuary in Topanga, on the edge of Los Angeles, California. Home of the Sorig Institute School of Tibetan Medicine, Yuthok Ling Buddhist Temple, Yangchenma Arts and Music, and Tanaduk Gardens, it is a center of culture and education, based on the principles of wisdom, healing, and compassion.

Yangchenma presents a series of special events at Pure Land Farms including:

  • Musica Mundi Series: A monthly series of traditional music, performances, visual arts, films, and educational programs. Bringing local communities together to Pure Land Farms to celebrate and share the uniqueness of their world cultures: Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia, Mexico, Japan, Armenia, India, Iran, Indonesia, and more.

  • Views of the World: A rotating series of photography exhibits highlighting the cultures featured in our Musica Mundi series.

  • Cinemateque: Our film screening recurring series featuring inspiring, insightful documentary movies and visual art projects from around the globe, including Q&A and dedicated talks with filmmakers.

  • A Woman’s Journey: Celebrating and sharing the empowering vision of remarkable and inspiring women across the world through their stories in arts, music, writing, and talks.

May I achieve wisdom in all medicine sciences and benefit all sentient beings like the sun and the moon.
May all that is spoken by omniscient; May all compounded formulas be medicine; May all that is given be beneficial.
Grant me the common and uncommon siddhis.
— Yuthok Yönten Gönpo, the father of Tibetan Medicine